how to get webpages into DTTG?

I am debating, if I should get DTTG. On thing that I would really like to do, is to get webpages that I read/find in Safari on my iPad into DTTG.

I’ve been reading varying things about the existence of such a feature.

Could you please clarify if and how this is possible?

Thanks for your help,

I have the Bookmark bookmarklet in my Safari bookmark bar. My desktop and iOS Safari bookmarks are synchronized. The bookmarklet can be found here: … nuals.html

Clicking it will create a bookmark for that page in DTTG. Note that most of the other bookmarklets – especially archive and PDF – do not work on iOS (the HTML bookmarklet will freeze DTTG). If it’s a PDF you want, use something like GoodReader or Save2PDF, or anything else that has a browser and can make PDFs from web pages.