How to globally shut down Size & URL columns (2.0)?

I just don’t have any use for the Size and URL columns. But in every new list view window, these columns show up, even though I’ve turned them off in the “root directory” window and in the Inbox.

What I need to see are long file names, which are always truncated due to the default appearance of these unneeded columns on the right side.

It is wasting my time (and money) to have to repeatedly uncheck these columns in every list window corresponding to a newly-viewed group. The window preferences don’t seem to have migrated from the previous version.

Help? Many thanks for any ideas.


Along this same line, how do you set columns (globally) such that every time you open a new window, the same columns appear? I too do not need to see the URL or other columns I don’t use.


The column settings (View > Columns) are per-database, and each View that supports columns (as List, as Split, as Three Panes, and as Tags) for that database can have its own column settings. There is no universal setting for columns that applies to all Views in all databases. There is no need to display the URL column in any set of columns.

Hi Korn

I use three split mode. Your suggestion works until you open a folder using “new window” or double click on the folder (in the same database that I changed the columns view in), then the default returns back to this: “name” “modified” “kind” “size” “URL” comes back.



Kim, you’re right. I had not noticed that what you point out applies to every time of view (not just Split). Column settings are not persistent across windows. I assume this is a feature so that users can have multiple windows on a database with multiple configurations. (I’m making that up 8) )

I wonder if this is on the todo list to fix. It’s kind of frustrating turn off “URL” and columns I don’t use.