How to handle ebooks/videos with separate metadata files?

Before I import ebooks into DEVONthink, I add specific metadata information with Calibre. For pdf and epub formats, this metadata is stored in the file itself. For other formats like azw/mobi, djvu, chm, lit etc., this information has to be stored in a sidecar opf file.

I would like to access the information in this opf file when searching for the corresponding ebook in DEVONthink, but I am not sure if/how this could be done.
The same also applies to video files for which nfo files store metadata information that media center applications like Kodi use to manage them.

I would value any suggestions you can give me.



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You’d like to access it how and for what purpose?
Are you searching for the book based on the sidecar file?
Or are you searching for the sidecar file for the book?

E.g. (based on the available metadata information):
List all books with DDC classification 001.42 that are german translations of an english text.

List all books and episodes of TV shows about Science education that are about the physics of cooking.




With the files in DEVONthink…
Right-click the book and choose Copy Item Link.
Select the sidecar file and choose Tools > Show Info.
Paste the link into the URL field.

Now when you search for the sidecar file, it will show an active link to the referred file.

This link will open the file. If you want to just reveal it, add ?reveal=1 to the end of the Item Link.

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