How to handle multiple pages?

In my genealogical research it is often the case that I use information from published sources. Many of those require copying or digitizing several pages of information for one person.

Any suggestions on how to put say 5 pages from a book into DT so all 5 would show up as if it were 1 document?

Hope that’s clear.

Assuming you’re referring to PDF documents, you could select the interesting pages and take a note. Or you could print the pages to DT Pro to create a new PDF document containing only the interesting pages.

I’m sorry, I should have said I would probably either take a picture of the pages with a digital camera or copy them and then scan them to put them into DT. I want and need to treat them like a single image if they’re from the camera or the scanner. For example, if I end up with four images, could I create an RTF and put them all into that? Or another thought, would grouping them be better?

Bear with me, I’m very new to DT and have not figured out how the features work.

You may join pdf files using a freeware app such as this one.

It’s very simple and has minimal features.

I think you can find something similar to stitch jpgs/pngs together as well.