how to have two instances of same page visible?

I’m a big user of Apple’s “Spaces” utility as it allows me to spread my work across a couple of virtual Desktops.

At present I’m doing work using DTPO and Camino. Camino is in Space 2 and DTPO is in Space 1. I have open in its own window a PDF file of all 24 pages of an old print magazine that I’m converting to a web version. DTPO’s view is open to the “converted to plain text” version of the PDF (which is a collection of scanned images). This way I can compare the plain text (which will be copy/pasted into the CMS in Camino) and make corrections in the OCR process as well as other copy-editing changes.

When I’m finished with each article, I copy and past it into a web-based CMS text box. One down side to all this is that I can’t copy and paste formatting into the text box, which means I need to do a second comparison to fix italics, bold, whatever.

It would be really helpful if I could have two instances of the PDF file open in each of Space 1 and Space 2. I can’t figure how to do this and to work around it, I have to move the PDF file from one space to the other. Of course this isn’t that hard to do but we use our Macs to make life a little easier, right? So is it possible to do this?


Try opening it in Skim. Extra windows on a PDF or a selected area are “snapshots” (File > Take Snapshot).

Well, rather than Skim (which I don’t have), I could open it in Preview.

In either case, that seems to be the ticket to having the same file open in two different spaces.

Thanks for the tip, Korm.

Not sure I fully understand what you’re doing, but would it help to make a temporary duplicate of the file and open that in its own window? Obviously any future changes to the original aren’t mirrored to the temp copy, which might make matter and nullify this as a workaround. Or maybe it’s easier just using Preview (or Skim).

@sjk: Thanks for your suggestion. It’s a possibility I hadn’t considered. The good thing about that is that it will remain more or less in the foreground (being a DTPO window) where Preview needs to be selected and whatever - viewing in Preview has been working for me since Korm suggested Skim.

I prefer mentioning things possibly not previously considered, take or leave 'em, like I prefer them also mentioning to me. :slight_smile: