How to I set standard view?

I’ve been playing around and setting/re-setting various options and apparently I’ve changed what the standard view is when I show the DT window.

Before my “playtime” I always had the “standard preview” when I opened a DT window, but now I always have “none”. So I’ve changed something, somewhere but I can’t find out where I managed to change this. Can anyone tell me where I can set DT to always show “standard preview” as default.

There’s actually no standard view or preview or sorting option. Each (smart) group or feed can use different settings (if the option to retain the view is disabled in preferences). By default the settings of the enclosing group are used.

A screenshot of the current setup and of the desired setup would be useful, thanks.

Of course, everything works expected now. It hasn’t been working as I wanted for the last couple of days, but now it does … had I known that all I needed to do was to write a message here, I would have done it a couple of days ago :yum:.

Perhaps I’ve managed to change the view for the all groups now … for now it works and now that I understand how it’s supposed to work I might be able to fix it if it happens again. Thanks.