How to import content on a Sharepoint with login?


I am trying to import a page from a Sharepoint site to Devonthink. The problem I have is the following. I am logged into the Sharepoint and I can see the content I want to import. When I look into the file in Devonthink, I can only see the Microsoft login page. It does not matter if I try web archive oder PDF. I also tried to make an entry directly in Devonthink. This seems to work because Devonthink pulls the page directly from the URL. But when I try to convert the page into another format: same problem. Does anybody have a solution for that?

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SharePoint presents itself to you as a web page in a browser, right? So does it not work to “print” the page to a PDF and save that file into DEVONthink. It’s been years since I’ve used SharePoint, but my recollection is that is what I did for SharePoint content I wanted to save.

Print/Save PDF to DEVONthink 3 should do the job. Because then it’s the browser that already has opened the page correctly creating the PDF and not DEVONthink. Try both with Reader View on and off to see which suits your needs more.

You could also log into the Microsoft Sharepoint site in DEVONthink’s internal browser and see if afterwards the log-in cookie allows you to safe content from the Sharepoint site via a browser extension.

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Thank you for the suggestions.

Logging in with the DEVONthink browser did not work. Importing the PDF into DEVONthink works, but I thought that there might be a more direct, elegant solution to save the content als web archive.

I rarely use the DEVONthink browser. Try same with a more complete browser integrated with DEVONthink, and I think you will find the elegance (and integration) you seek.

I use Safari most the time and Chrome occasionally. Both work well with DEVONthink.

In my experience that depends to a great extent on the website you are trying to capture. I keep running into websites which make it difficult for me to keep the data they present; I presume that is intentional on their behalf.