How to import DT Pro database to DT Personal?

I bought a new Mac with OS 10.7 installed. My trusty version of DT Pro (v. 1.5.4) would not migrate over from my old Mac – not compatible.

I had previously attained a licensed version of DT Personal (v. 2.3.3) when I purchased a MacUpdate special collection of apps. This app works on my new Mac and I feel I can do without upgrading to the features of the new DT Pro version.

How do I import my old DT Pro database into my new DT Personal app? I can connect an external backup HDD to my new Mac that contains my old version database. I can see a .dtBase file in my Documents folder on this backup drive. Thanks.

I have the same question. Did you ever get a response on this?


Yes, Jim in DT Support got back to me with this response to my online request for support with Customer Relations:

This worked for me, but there is a question about certain DT Personal /Library files that are automatically deleted when you install DT Pro. Rather than delete the trial copy of DT Pro, I have left it on my computer not wanting to delete those replacement files that DT Pro installed after deleting my DT Personal files. Not sure if this is necessary, but be sure to save your install log file for future reference if needed.

The main thing this procedure does for you is convert your v1.x database to the new v2.x format. That’s why I just couldn’t drag my old v1.5.4 DT Pro database over to DT Personal. Also, DT Personal can only have ONE database, not multiple databases like DT Pro. You can’t “import” a database into DT Personal like you can DT Pro. That is why you have to drag & drop files and groups manually from your trial version of DT Pro to your DT Personal. Hope this helps.