How to import / edit web html pages from subscription based publications?

When I import in HTML format an article from a publication I subscribe to and read it in DevonThink, the DevonThink item asks me to login. It’s fine if my subscription is still valid, but that means all articles stored in DevonThink are lost after my subscription expires.
I tried to save → as html → import to DevonThink but the problem is the same.
In other words, how do I import a web page as HTML and make it standalone and “independent” from the publisher. I can do this if I import as Plain Text, Formatted Note and Markdown, but I much prefer to import as html and then edit and annotate the html because the html format best reflects the original publication.
thanks in advance for your time and help

I save such web pages as pdf

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Apps don’t share cookies any more (and haven’t for a long time), I’d try adding a bookmark to the site in DEVONthink and logging in there first.

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I know. My point is that it’s much easier to annotate / edit in html

I don’t understand, sorry.
If I edit / annotate the html, what will happen if the pages refreshes in DevonThink ?


I found the answer. Copy paste to an online html editor. SSuite Carbon HD+ Editor is free and excellent .

No, log in via the bookmark to set a per-application cookie. Then try to capture a page as you were doing and see if there cookie is recognized in DEVONthink.

do you mean after converting the bookmark to hmtl with data → convert ?

thank you

No. Add a bookmark. Use the “+” New button in tool bar or Menu: Data → New → Bookmark … and then when created, click on it and login.

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I understand, thank you.
If I want to annotate the web page, I would

  • Add a bookmark. Use the “+” New button in tool bar or Menu: Data → New → Bookmark … and then when created, click on it and login.
  • as a second step → convert to html → add my annotations in html.
    Am I assured that I will not lose my annotations if the page is refreshed ?
    thank you very much for helping me understand this issue

Frankly, I don’t know. try it and see what happens! Let us know!

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OK thank you. I will do that. I am frankly astonished that there is neither a demand and a huge amount of discussion for editing/annotating web pages in DevonThink. txt, RTF and rich text are certainly not an option, and PDF are not an option, simply because I often delete larges sections of the web page, to keep only the information of interest. The only solution I found is using the very nice free SSuite Carbon HD+ Editor.
Thank you again und schönen Sonntag.

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You should only need to add a single bookmark for the site and log in while in DEVONthink. This sets a per-application cookie.

Then try capturing from the browser and also I would try capturing within DEVONthink while browsing a desired page.