How to import in Database folder ?


I have my preferences set to link the PDF’s to the originals.

I would like sometimes to be able to ask DevonThink to import the PDF in the database folder itself. Is there a way to force DevonThink Pro to do that?



In Preferences > PDF & PS check the option to copy the PDF to the database files folder (recommended) or into the database.

In the Index & convert options, choose Use PDFKit, but DO NOT CHECK the rich text option.

Thanks for your reply Bill. Actually, I would like to keep the preference like it is (only link to) but., sometimes, be able to override the preference setting by having DevonThink copy the PDF to the database files folder. Is there a way to do that?

No, you would have to change the Preference settings for importing PDF files, at least temporarily.

I generally recommend copying PDF files into the database File folder as the import choice. (And also recommend making backups of the database to an external device such as CD or FireWire drive periodically.