How to import mails from Lotus Notes into DTPO ?


I have some 2000+ mails in Lotus Notes. The program is running rather reliably for every-day traffic, but it is a real pain to make any search in it.

So my question is: is there any way to import emails from Lotus Notes into Devon Think Pro Office – of course other then printing them all and scanning them using OCR :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance,


Is Lotus Notes able to export mails as mbox files? DEVONthink Pro Office is able to import such files, see File > Import > E-Mail…

I’m rather surprised by this statement because I think Lotus Notes has the best search engine you’ll find in any email software. And it has so since ages. And it shows search results almost instantaneously and allows for some sophisticated searches with commands like NEAR, PARAGRAPH, NOT or in specific fields.

Christian: No, LN only exports to formats like text, csv or lotus 1-2-3. :slight_smile:

You could however adapt your LN email .nsf file, which however does require Domino Designer which is not available on the Mac. … il-export/

Or connect to a Domino server with via IMAP.

Thanks a lot for the replies.

Well, it may be that Lotus Notes has a powerful search engine, but if this is the case then it also does a very good job at hiding those capabilities from the normal user :slight_smile:

BTW, the computer on which the Lotus Notes runs is a Windows-based PC at work. And I thought that I may import the LN emails into DTPO on my private Mac.

So I will try to do the following: export from LN into Microsoft Outlook format, and then import it into DTPO.


I know this is a bit late but I couldn’t resist chiming in on a Lotus Notes thread. I have to agree with Andreas, Lotus Notes search is really powerful and blazingly fast across very large datasets. One thing that can be a problem though, you need to make sure whichever database you are searching has “Full text Indexing” switched on, then take a quick look at the Help | Lotus Notes | Search | Search Tips subject in help. It shows how to use search by example and is a quick way to get going.

Hopefully you can get some better results from your work email after this.

As a bit of a tangent to this thread, if you do happen to run Lotus Notes on your Mac as I do, it is indexed in Spotlight so search is the same as anything else.

You may also want to make sure its legit for you to copy all your business emails to PDFs, and then use them on your personal computer… some companies have big issues with that.