How to import v1.5 database into v2.3 upgrade?

New Mac with OS Lion, so I have to upgrade from DEVONthink v1.5.4 on my older Mac to v2.3. If I do upgrade, how do I copy my older database over to the newer version? Thanks.

PS: I tried this with DT Personal v2.3 which I also own and it will run on my new Mac. But after transferring my database all the Group folders were gone and contents listed singly, thousands of them in one “Group 1” folder in the “Trash” folder. :open_mouth:

Did you notice a document Upgraders Guide.pdf that is included in the DEVONthink 2.x download? It explains how to upgrade from 1.x to 2.x.

Is that PDF included in both the “Personal” and “Pro” versions? I don’t recall seeing it for the DEVONthink Personal v2.0 version I purchased last year? Thanks.

Yes, the upgrader’s guide is included on the disk image of all versions of DEVONthink.

I found the Upgrader’s Guide, but it only gives instructions how to upgrade an existing copy of v1.x to v2.x on the same Mac, by deleting certain files in /Library folder.

I have a new installation on a new Mac of v2.3.5 DT Personal. My question is: How do I transfer my v1.5 DT Pro database from my old Mac into my DT Personal app on my new Mac?

I have already tried copying my old Mac’s .dtBase database file over to the same Documents folder on my new Mac, but had the problems mentioned earlier, Group folders disappearing. Thanks

Are the missing groups indexed folders? If they are not in the same location with the same names on the new machine there could be problems.

Not sure what you mean by “indexed” folders, but my old Mac DT Pro database has many Group folders listed which contain various types of associated files.

On my new installation of DT Personal, apparently all the Group folders where discarded, but their contents were not. They were automatically sorted into an “Images” folder (containing ALL the image files in my original database), a “PDF Documents” folder (containing all my pdf’s) and then a “Grouped 1” folder containing a “Files” folder that contains ALL my old database files, regardless of type of file.

I need an installation of my database that has Group folders preserved containing their associated files. What would be helpful is to get a “STEP 1, 2, 3…” of how to do this, and start over with a new installation and transfer of my old database. Thanks.

I’m surprised there is no easy answer to this?

Seems to me that this would be a common scenario – installing DEVONthink Personal on a new Mac and then importing the database (.dtBase file?) off your old computer.

Not everybody wants to utilize Apple’s “Migrate” utility since it’s not foolproof (sometimes creating buggy software). Too bad there are no longer product USER GUIDES for DT products like there used to be. Or am I missing something? Thanks.