How to index a folder in a package?

Hi there!

I use a bill payment program called MacPay that saves all scanned invoices in a specific folder called Bills-PDF.

Now I would like to index Bills-PDF in DTP in order to be able to access those PDF invoices directly from DTP.

However Bills-PDF is part of a “Package”, not a folder, named MacPay+_DB.MPdc (as you can see in the attached screenshots). And of course when I try to index this folder in DTP, I don’t have the “Show Package Content” option (like in Finder) that would allow me to access Bills-PDF.

Any of you have an idea how to do this?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

I don’t have “MacPay” to test this idea, but what if you find the actual folder below and inside the “package” that holds the PDF’s you wish to index? Probably more in the package than you really want and/or need in DEVONthink by attempting to index the “package”.

Or just pay the piper and use MacPay’s (if it has it) ability to export the PDF’s out to a folder that’s independent of the package. Do that, say, once a week or month-end, or something.

Cmd-Alt-drag & drop should work.

So simple… thank you @cgrunenberg

Finally I was able to index the folder inside that package using Cmd-Alt-drag & drop.
Thanks for your help @rmschne