How to launch the Sorter manually without opening DEVONthink

I can’t seem to launch Sorter without having it set as a login item. The login item references this file:

/Applications/DEVONthink Sorter

…and when the Sorter is launched at login, it opens properly. But when I manually launch the DEVONthink Sorter file, the DEVONthink application opens instead.

I thought this script would help, but it launches DEVONthink first before activating the sorter.

What am I missing?

You could show the DEVONthink app package contents in the Finder (Right-click>Show Package Contents), navigate to the Sorter’s location (the path that you posted above), make an alias of the Sorter, and place the alias in your Applications folder. Put the alias in your Dock or launch it as you do any other app.

Odd: I had tried that as well yesterday, to the same effect: it just launched DEVONthink…

…but now it works the way I would have expected it to.