How to leave thumbnail

Is there a way I can leave the thumbnail for an RTF file and stay?
Currently if I edit the file it deletes the image I pasted in the info’s icon.


Not at this time, but development is aware of the request.

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Which thumbnail options are enabled in Preferences > Media?

Try disabling “Other file types” - does this make a difference?

Nope, it doesn’t make a diff

Which action does actually change it? Data > Thumbnails does not depend on the preferences.

Just editing, adding or deleting.

I can only reproduce the issue if the option “Other file types” is enabled (and then that’s intentional) but if it’s disabled then editing & saving the document doesn’t change the custom icon over here.

I see what @cgrunenberg is seeing. The thumbnail is only updating when Other file types is enabled.

With Beta2 this is fixed. Thank you guys!

Beta2 FIXED. Thanks.

Update. BETA3 back to square one again ughhh

Thumbnail can’t be retained once I edit the file(RTF) the thumbnail is gone.

Beta 2 fixed it but with beta 3 back again with the same issue as before.

Maybe Beta4 will fix it again :wink:

At least a different issue now, beta 4 will fix it :slight_smile: