How to link a string in a file to the same or similar string in another file?

Suppose I have a RTF file with a certain word or phrase in it and another RTF file in which the same word occurs, and where the meaning of the phrase is provided, plus perhaps a detailed discussion about the concept it represents.

Is it possible to link the word or phrase in the first file directly to the word in the second file, so that, for example, clicking on the word in the first file will take me directly to the location in the second file where the word is?

I know I can link two files in DEVONthink using WikiLink or Item link or ctrl click and then choosing “Link to”. These three methods will just open the second linked file, they don’t take me directly to the word and the location I’m looking for. This would be particularly useful if the second file is large. It would spare me the trouble of having to search for the exact location in the second file.

There may also be cases where I have a technical term in the first file and an elaborate discussion about the term in the second file, without the word itself being explicitly mentioned in the second file.

So all this boils down to the following: suppose I deal with 10 topics in the first file and 20 topics in the second file. Since topic no. 3 in the first file is closely related to topic no. 18 in the second file I want to link those two topics; I don’t want to link the two files, just the two topics.

Is this possible?

I haven’t found a word processor that can do this either. Does anyone know of an application that can do this?

Any selection in rich text documents can be linked, there are multiple options (e.g. see Format > Add Link… in the main menu or the Link To submenu of the contextual menu).

Unfortunately rich text doesn’t have any useful identifiers for linking, therefore it’s only possible to link to a certain paragraph. But editing the linked document again might break existing links.

I was not aware of the “Copy Paragraph Link” option. It’s sufficient for me.

Thank you very much for your help.