How to link to an OmniOutliner file from within DT3?

I’d like to have a link inside a DT3 database to an OmniOutliner file. I know I can copy the OO file into DT3, but then changes I make after that in OmniOutliner are not reflected in the copy of the outline inside DT3.

So I went into Finder and created an alias file of the OO file, and tried to bring that into DT3, but it brought a copy of the OO file, not the alias. And again, if I made changes to the original file in OO, those changes were not reflected inside DT3.

IS there any way I can make this dynamic, so that changes made within OmniOutliner will show up to the file inside DT3?

I access quite a few OmniOutliner files via DevonThink but they are indexed rather than copied so that changes to the original show up within DevonThink (since DevonThink is actually ‘looking at’ the original file). An alternative that I use for some files is to let DevonThink store them internally and then copy the Finder path to the OmniOutliner file so that I can open it directly, without firing up DevonThink. But this depends on how you want to access the file. I access quite a few files from links within Things 3 tasks and the method works well for this.

That worked. Thanks!