How to Locate Locked PDF's

I have inherited a DEVONthink DB with about 3000 pdf’s. I would like to locate all of the PDF’s which are either locked or password protected.

Is that possible from within DEVONthink?

That should locate any password-protected PDFs; I’m not sure what you mean by “locked”, though.

I guess „marked as locked“

That’s how I took it…


Updated screencap

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That’s so simple that I was assuming something more complicated (a PDF protected against editing, but not against opening - so one of the lower PDF security levels; if that is what the OP meant, I don’t think locating those files is possible) - but perhaps I’m just thinking too much :see_no_evil:

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Could one of you do me a favor?

Note the Save button is disabled for the search. I don’t have any results for the search, but it seems the button should be enabled regardless.

Are you seeing the same behavior?

Same behaviour here; the save button only becomes active once search finds at least one record matching the search terms (irrespective of the search terms) (DT 3.8.2, macOS 12.2.1).

Thanks! That’s what I’m seeing too. I’d say that’s a bug since a search is a live process, applying to selections as they change. @cgrunenberg ?

So far it’s actually intentional as a search without results doesn’t sound worth saving but the next release will change this.