how to lose 'search' window?

Hi - I’m new to DT, and I’m very impressed so far.  Quick question, though:  once I’ve done a search, how can I get rid of the search window (in upper half of DT window, in Note-pad view)?

Just figured it out:  click on the little icon in the Find-bar!  Will post another question about something else now -

I’d like to request a keyboard shortcut (e.g. <escape>) for that; the ‘x’ isn’t the easiest target to hit when using a trackpad.  I’ve noticed <escape> works in iTunes, but not in Finder.  Shame on Apple for that minor UI inconsistency in their own apps. :wink:

And I’d prefer if input focus remained in the toolbar search field after searching, at least when a search fails so you can immediately enter another.

Just clear the search field and press return.

What about leaving input focus in the search field?

Input focus stays in the search field for me.

TiBook, OS X 10.3.2, DT 1.8.1

Hmm.  You’ve typed command-option-F (focus in toolbar search), then any string followed by return, gotten the No results found! sheet, dismissed that, and focus was still in the search field?

Ahh, using shift-command-F (Search… tool) behaves as you say.

I’d say it’s best they be consistent, whichever way that is.

by the way … is it possible to enable "Fuzzy"-Search also in the normal search field?

Yes. Focus remains on the search string entry field if there’s a null result. I don’t bother to hit return and initiate another dialogue that requires me to hit return again! Null results are obvious in the “live search” View window search mode. If I want to exit the View Window search mode, I can select the search term and hit Delete, click on the X box, or simply click on a content name or window (in which case the search string remains in view, which could be useful). If I want to do a different search in the View window, I can press Option-Cmd-F, or select the existing search string and  type in a new string, or press the X box and enter a new search string.

There are signicant differences between these two search modes in DT 1.8.1. I like the simple live search operation in the View window, but use the Search tool for more complex searches – in the future, there will be more flexible and complex searches available in the Search tool (when that happens, I would reserve live searches to the View window).

So I don’t worry about apparent inconsistencies between the search modes – they are functionally different and can be used differently.

But if Christian wants to return the focus to the View window search field after one hits return on a null search, that’s OK with me.  ;D

I don’t know if I want to but one of the next releases will improve this :slight_smile:

No, the toolbar search always uses the no case option.

Using live search (as Bill suggested) makes it a non-issue if you never tap <return> to complete a search, but only when it’s empty to remove the search window (as you suggested).

So, I’m fine with whatever you decide to improve. :slight_smile:

The focus remains in the search field in version 1.8.1a (just released) after pressing return.

Thanks.  That feels "right" to me.  And the wider search field is nice.