How to Make a Smart Group

I’m still new to this and trying to figure out Smart Groups. I have a file with the tags: local, events, theater, and another file that says: local, crime.

I want to make a smart group that includes only the tags local and events. But when I use that criteria to make the smart group, the files that say local, crime also show up. I use the criteria all = “tag is local, events.”

How would I configure the smart group to show only files that have both “local” and “events” as the tags?

You seem to have a hierarchical system of tags, where a number of items may share the characteristic of being “local”, and that group is subdivided into items that are “events”, “crime”, etc.

You can create a smart group that will find only items tagged “local” and “events” either in the Advanced button of the full Search window (Tools > Search), or using the smart group editor.

Logic: use the requirement that desired items have both the Local and Events tag. See the attached screenshot. (The logic uses the Tag predicate twice; to create the second predicate statement, hold down the option key and click on the “+” button.)

Note: The search criteria of a search created in the full Search window can be saved as a smart group by clicking on the “+” button to the right of the query field.

You need to create a compound-predicate smart group, which you do by option-clicking on the ‘+’ button in the smart group pane. Set it up to look like this and it will work.

Thank you! That worked :slight_smile: