How to make Unread files Read after moving them?

Forgive what must be a kind of remedial question, but… I’m wondering if there’s some preference / option that won’t mark a file as Unread after moving it from one location to another in DTP. Please advise… Thanks!

There are actually 3 possibilities:

  1. Move the item via drag & drop but without selecting
  2. Again don’t select the item but move it by right/control-clicking and choosing “Move To” in the contextual menu
  3. Disable the preview pane (see View > Preview > None)

Thanks very much for your reply.

Sorry, I don’t understand how one would move a file without selecting it.

Also, I have right/control-clicked a file, chosen “Move To” in the contextual menu to move a file – but it appears as Unread wherever it has been moved to.

Does that make sense? Maybe I’m overlooking something elemental in DTP… Thanks for your help.

Both drag & drop and using the contextual menu are possible without having to select the item first (also in the Finder, by the way).

I’m sorry…I feel like I’m being dense here… Be “selecting” a file I’m just talking about clicking on it once before dragging & dropping or using the contextual menu to move it. What am I misunderstanding?


To move: Click down on the name but don’t release the button— then drag to new location.

Thanks. I feel like I’ve been doing that, but whenever I do the files are marked as Unread. I’m sorry if I’m missing some obvious point here…

Select a file - NOT the file you intend to move.
While the file is selected, control-click or click and immediately drag another file.


Note: shallow is selected but I’m dragging Piglet_EHShepard.

When you control-click the other, you will see a marquee around the file but the originally selected file will remain selected.

Thanks for your help with this - and sorry for my late reply.

Do most users use this approach to avoid marking files as Unread when moving them? I thought there was something under Preferences that one could select (apart from View > Preview > None in the preview pane).

Thanks again…

No worries.

Do most users use this approach to avoid marking files as Unread when moving them?

I can’t answer that since I don’t know how many people actually are trying to do what you are describing. Speaking personally, I know I never have.