How to make x-devonthink://createMarkdown work?

I’m experimenting with the “x-devonthink://createMarkdown” command, but cannot get it to work.

The createText command works well. Used from the command line

open "x-devonthink://createText?title=x-devonthink-doc&text=just-a-test&noselector=1"

creates a text document in the default location. :slight_smile: However

open "x-devonthink://createMarkdown?title=x-devonthink-md-doc&text=just-an-md-test&noselector=1"

only beeps briefly and does not create an Md document. Even omitting the text parameter does not help: opening x-devonthink://createMarkdown?title=x-devonthink-md-doc&noselector=1 beeps as well.

What to do?

The createMarkdown command doesn’t support the text parameter yet, it’s only able to clip websites. However, the upcoming version 2.9.12 will improve this.

Thanks for the prompt response.

As mentioned

 open "x-devonthink://createMarkdown?title=x-devonthink-md-doc&noselector=1"

without the text parameter does not work either: DTPro comes into the forground, but just beeps brief nothing else.

Great that you are working on this - making DEVONthink even better! :slight_smile: Any ETA for 2.9.12?

It’s now available.

Wow, that’s excellent! Will download it when I’m in Europe. At the moment I’m in Beijing and Amazon S3 doesn’t seem to be here reliably accessible… :open_mouth: (Your site is reachable though. :slight_smile:

In 2.9.12 createMarkdown works for me as advertised. Thanks a lot for this.