How to manage lots of folders?

I’ve been using a registered version of DEVONthink for about 1 month and am getting a bit concerned about finding the few folders that I use over and over among the dozens and dozens of folders that now litter the database.

Is there a feature that allows me to bookmark or in some way highlight or find the most used folders so I can get to them quickly without having to traverse the whole outline?  I know I can hoist a set of folders by double clicking them in the outline but that’s not the solution I’m after.



If I understand correctly, you can sort by date modified, and ascending or descending.

Does that help?

Although there’s a bit of memory/speed hit for each open view window, I keep at least 3 views open almost all the time.

My Bookmarks view, my Edit This group view and the topmost (root) database view are my three main working views.

I use Exposé to switch between DT’s open views. Works pretty well for me.

I’ve got preferences set to remember the open views at time of closing, and to reopen them on DT launch.

The Groups panel is handy for browsing the database structure.

The “Groups” panel isn’t available yet for the public :slight_smile:

Oops! I’ve been using it long enough in test versions to have forgotten it’s not out yet.

I think folks will like it.  :)