How to merge PDFs using DT

I was under the impression that using the “combine” command on imported PDFs would merge them into a single PDF. Apparently I was wrong. Is there some way to do this in DT? I read somewhere in the forums that indeed there is, but I fail to find the answer anywhere in the user interface or the help system.

Thank you.

Selecting the PDF documents to be merged and clicking Data > Merge (or Merge in the contextual menu).

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Is there also a way to insert pages, before or after pages, as currently possible in Acrobat?

To insert a blank page, display the page browser sidebar in a PDF (hover over the icons shown above the PDF in 3-pane view and select the “Display/Hide Sidebar icon” - usually the icon in the center). Use the context menu to “Insert Blank Page”

To copy a page(s) from one PDF to another, one way is to open each PDF in its own DT window, display the Sidebar (see above), click/drag a page from the sidebar in one PDF to the location in the other PDF’s sidebar where you want the copy to go.