How to migrate to encrypted database

What is the safest way to migrate a database with 16k items, among which 8k replicants. into an encrypted database?


Here is a manual method for doing this…

  1. Select the database, you’re going to migrate and choose File > Database Propeties. Note the total size of the items in the database. This is critical to know.
  2. In DEVONthink, make a new encrypted database with the same name as the database you’re migrating.
    Create it with a reasonable anticipated maximum size with some room for unanticipated growth. For example, if the data is 1GB and you anticipate the database will become 2GB, make it 3 or 4GB. If you think it will be 10GB, make it 12 to 15GB, etc…
  3. Quit DEVONthink.
  4. Change the extension of the new database from .dtSparse to ​.sparseimage.
  5. Double-click to mount it, then select the mounted volume in the Finder.
  6. Locate the database to migrate in the Finder. Drag the .dtBase2 file into the mounted volume, replacing the newer .dtBase2 file.
  7. Eject the volume.
  8. Change the extension back to ​.dtSparse ​and double-click it to open it in DEVONthink.

Via Sync

And here is a more automatic way to do it, assuming you’re syncing…

  1. Select the location you’re syncing the database to, Control-click it, and choose Verify Location Thoroughly while holding the Option key. Check Window > Log to ensure it verifies successfully.
  2. If it does, select the database in the Navigate sidebar, and choose File > Export > Database Archive.
  3. Select File > Database Properties and not the total size of the items in the database. This is critical to know.
  4. After the database has been successfully archived, select File > Delete Database, okaying the deletion. (And yes, this is a required step.)
  5. Select the sync location again, and look for the database in the Remote section of the databases list.
  6. Select the database, then choose Import Encrypted Database from the Action button (gear icon).
  7. Make sure to give it an appropriate size, again with room for reasonable future expansion, as discussed above. Set the encryption key and either note it or remember it – there is no recovery if you lose it – and ideally, save it in the Databases directory in your home directory.
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Manual way worked like a charm. Thank you!


You’re very welcome :slight_smile: