How to mimic 'inbox' behaviour for other folders

Hi, I’m fairly sure this is documented somewhere, but I can’t seem to find the correct entry. Please point me to that place if possible.

I would like to create a couple of other ‘inbox’ like folders, but of course pointing to other folders, let’s say ABC for example. Can we do that in such a way, that we also have a ‘special’ folder ABC that we will find or add to the Finder?

Thanks for helping out!

No, this isn’t possible. The inbox of other databases does not exist, so there’s nowhere for the filesystem to point to.

You can add a folder action to a folder in Finder that imports files into a specific group in a database. There are examples included in the “extras”.

And @korm is correct about the use of Folder Actions as an alternative.

Where do I find these examples? My DTPO does not have an extra menu with such examples…

Folder Actions are installed via DEVONthink Pro Office > Install Add-Ons.