How to modify bookmarklets to go to specific group?

I’d like the bookmarklets to go to a specific inbox – looks like I can do that with the destination parameter but it isn’t working for me. I tried these two variations but they are still going to the global inbox:



Why don’t you just set DEVONthink’s Preferences > Import > Destination to Select group?

PS: I got such a Bookmarklet working in Opera. We can’t account for the behavior of the browsers though, especially as they’re becoming stricter and stricter about running code.


Also, I just got it to work with the latest stable build of Firefox.

Thank you I did get it working. The “Select group” option is okay, but it is another step in the workflow where with the modified bookmarklet it just goes right where I want without any input from me. Would be nice in the preferences to be able to change the default inbox group.

You can set the Inbox of the current database as the destination.