How to move a file to folder automatically?


I use DT mainly as a synchronization tool for an existing file/path structure. I want to keep that structure, so I indexed it with DT.

If I create a file for example with DTTG and sync it to DT, the file will be kept inside of the database and not in the file system. I always have to right-click it and select “move to external folder” to have it in my file structure.

How can I automate this? Or is there a setting to tell DT to always move files to disk?

Thanks for any tip!

Seems reasonable, but not possible. I can see why it’s not a feature – how does DEVONthink decide “oh, you want this one indexed – but you didn’t want that one indexed. What do I do?”

You don’t need to do the “move external” on a document-by-document basis. If you choose all the groups in a database and use Move to External Folder on the whole thing, DEVONthink will move all of the children of indexed parents to the external file system in one step.

Thanks for your answer. I see that this is not possible at the moment.

A simple setting like “[X] Always move files to external folder” would be nice though :wink:

The problem with this is the DT groups do not necessarily correspond with Finder’s folders. I generally index folders, but after that I may “move” DT files to groups that are not folders in MacOS. There are times when I move a group (in the hierarchy of an indexed folder) to Finder. Then files in that group are also moved the the newly created folder in Finder. Having the setting you describe above would be problematic.