How to move data base?

Hi there,

If I am moving main DB from one Mac to another one what has to be moved? Is it one single file or there is more to it?
I prefer move over backup and restore.


If you are using DT Personal, your database is the folder named ‘DEVONthink 2’ at ~/Library/Application Support/. To move it to another computer, it should be copied to that same location in your user library on the other computer.

If you are using DT Pro 2 or DT Pro Office 2, your database is a file with the suffix ‘.dtBase2’ and is probably stored in your Documents folder. It can be copied to that or to another desired location on the other computer.

CAUTION: Always Quit the DEVONthink application before copying or moving a database, as copying an open database may result in an incomplete or damaged copy.

COMPLICATION: As Import-captured databases are self-contained, all one has to do is move it to another computer, open it and start using it. But if some of the content has been Index-captured, it will be necessary to also move the externally linked files to the other computer in such a way that the Paths to the external files remain valid. If everything is in your Documents folder on the first computer, copying the externally linked folders and files to the Documents folder of the second computer will probably work.

Thanks for answer. I am using DT Pro Office.