How to move/export documents to DEVONthink

Perhaps I’m missing something in the thread… But DEVONthink to Go does not/cannot process files indexed into folders into a database on macOS. Only when DEVONthink macOS updates the index, then syncs the folders, will any additions/changes be available for sync to DEVONthink to Go.

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I meant to mount the folder via WebDAV, SMB, AFS on the Mac an then process/import the files into DT. Of course, indexing is also possible. In any case, there’s no direct way from the NAS into the DT database

If I am at home, there is no problem at all - because I can switch on my Mac and import the files from my NAS using a keyboard Maestro routine.

I followed the recommendation of rmschne when being abroad with my iPad only: open the file app, activate the link to my server and import the files to DTTG with some iOS shortcut (still to be done). This will work!!

So thank you all very much for your thoughts in this matter :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that it would work on the DEVONthink ToGo app (and I would have simply kept the iMac on), but as they say on Michael Feldman’s radio show, “Whad’Ya Know?”


If you are using a Synology, hopefully you are also using Synology Drive. You could have the job on the Syno drop the PDFs into a folder in Synology Drive, then have a job on your Mac move them to the global inbox. I use Hazel on my Mac to move things around like that, but there are a number of ways to do it.

Be careful with Synology Driver, it use to fail silently with incompatible file names. I stopped using it because if a file fails to be synchronized by that cause, you don’t receive any warning or can look in any place to check why that file is not being synchronized.

I it a very annoying bug that they even had refuse to acknowledge. Not not synching the file, but telling you what files are being synced and why.

BTW, the Synology Drive has a very restricted subset of valid characters and file name length.


I know that there is an issue with the filenames using Synology Drive - therefore this is not a real solution for me. On top of that: I am not always at home so that the “first sync via Mac” is not option for me. I rather investigate on initiating the sync from my iOS device with DTTG - because most of the time I have my iPhone in my pocket …

BTW, the Synology Drive has a very restricted subset of valid characters and file name length.

And again, more support for our advocacy of not using punctuation other than: hyphens, underscores, spaces, and periods and not using emoji in file or database names.


An opportunity to add an script to sanitize selected file names. :grin:

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You volunteering? The starter could be the info on a StackOverflow thread from 8 years ago using Regular Expressions from 2012

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Ha ha, not so easy. That expression limits, but not converts and transforms any character wanted as non valid for one of the replacements. I tried some time ago but Apple script plus Regex are completely alien to me.

Converting seems to be a bit too much. Unicode has thousands of codepoints (think Mandarin traditional and simplified versions), it would not be feasible to map them do the meagre selection of less then 128 characters suggested here. Much less to that in a regular expression. Just remove them.