How to move files from DTTG2 to DTTG3?

I just opened DTTG 2 and discovered that it contains files that are not in my DTTG 3 library. I don’t see any Export options on DTTG 2 nor any import options on DTTG 3. Browsing around using the Files app I don’t see a container for either version on either “My iPad” or “iCloud”.

Any helpful hints would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you.

DT 2 and DT 3 use different global inboxes. But the content of the databases should be the same. You just have to open the database created with DT 2 by DT 3 .

Welcome @TodW

On launch, DEVONthink To Go 3 migrates the databases and data from DEVONthink To Go 2.
There are no separate databases to open.

I have upped your trust level on the forums so you can post a screen capture of the discrepancy you claim to be seeing.

@BLUEFROG : Thank you. Attached is a screen grab with DTTG2 on the left, and DTTG3 on the right showing top level summary views.

@MichaelHD : Thanks for your thoughts.

@BLUEFROG : Actually, setting up the two versions in Multi-window, I realized that I can easily drag n drop from 2 to 3.

So please closee ticket and consider the question resolved.


Sorry didn‘t read. It was a question on DTTG not DT…

Do note there is a setting in DEVONthink To Go 3, Unify inboxes.
If you disable it, you will see the Global Inbox alone and the Inbox of each database will be shown when you navigate to each database. The same is true for unifying Tags.