How to move referenced files so DTP knows?

I’ve got a folder of PDFs that’s 10Gb. Dues to the size, I need to move the folder, but I’m unsure how to accomplish this in a manner that DTP knows where the new location is. They’re all referenced by DTP (i.e. they’re not contained with the actual 03-09-2012base files DTP uses), so my assumption is that a simple drag-and-drop using Finder is going to entail, at minimum, a process to redirect DTP.

Any ideas are welcome. This is not an immediate concern, but I’d like to have this sorted out within the next week or two.

You might try to replace the old folder with a symbolic link or alias pointing to the new folder.

Let me expand a bit on the technique. In Finder, move the folder that’s indexed in DEVONthink to a different location. Don’t change anything in DEVONthink. In Finder, navigate to the new location and make an alias of the folder. Put the alias back in the old location. Make sure the alias has exactly the same name as the folder.

For example: the folder you’ve indexed is “MyFolder” and it resides on Drive A. Move “MyFolder” to Drive B. Make an alias (it will be “MyFolder alias”). Move the alias to Drive A, and rename it to “MyFolder”.

Until you do the last step of renaming the alias, DEVONthink’s indexing will be broken.

As always, test this procedure in a test database to be sure it works for you before moving your 10GB data store. If it’s possible to move the data in chunks, testing for success along the way, I’d advise doing so.

Thanks for the tip.

What I hear (implicitly) in your solution is that there is no way to “point” Devonthink to referenced files that have been moved, correct? I was hoping for something like iTunes that recognizes a “missing” file and then asks for the new location. I gather this is not possible with DTP?

Correct - it is not possible for DEVONthink to find missing items.