How to move the Sorter to the other side of the screen

DT Pro Office 2:

The Sorter tab is always on the left edge of my screen, and can be slided along the left but i can’t find a way to get the sorter to the right edge of the screen.

Is there a way? Thanks.

Click-hold on the Sorter and “swoop” it upwards and to the righjt.

Thanks Bill it did work.

All I have tried is pulling it to right – never thought of going upwards then drag to the right.

Well this is like a “hidden trick” to me

Maybe you guys would be able offer an option for the SORTER position in the Preferences. :slight_smile: Just like Apple has options for the Dock’s position. (The SORTER may even have an option of “auto hide” like the Dock??) :stuck_out_tongue:

As the Sorter is rather a small tab compared to the Dock, and can be moved to a number of positions (or even among screens in a multi-screen setup), Auto Hide might become frustrating as it would have to be found in order to make it visible.

But there’s an option in Preferences > Sorter to make it almost (but not quite) invisible.