How to name a new plain or rich text note?


When you create a new plain text note or a new rich text note, is there any way to rename it (from the default “New Plain Text #”) while you have it open in a separate window? (I take notes about sources, and I like to name the notes as “Author Date Title”, but when a new note is created in it’s own window, it means I have to remember the title, even though clicking on the default name means the window goes behind the database! It would be much easier to see both at the same time!).

Is the only solution to create new notes while in one of the split pane views? Or is there some solution to renaming it while the note is open in its own window?

Are you using the Take Note feature? (Tools > Take Note, or from the Sorter menu or your own hot key set in Preferences > Sorter). By default, Take Note assigns the first line of the note (up to the first carriage return) to the title.

The Take Note display accessed from Tools > Take Note has a “Title” field where you can override this automatic behavior.

(It’s a minor annoyance that DT has two different entry panels - in Sorter and from the menubar - for the same thing. :confused: )