How to narrow down search to specific sub-folder in DT#

I can always see how to limit a search to a selected sub folder as it works differently in DT3…I see the “Search in:” bar at the top but mostly it offers only:

All Databases
Specific Database

and then only one subfolder and not anything further. Am I missing something?

Oh I see a way to do this but its cumbersome. I have been selecting database subfolder from the Sidebar. pane and then working from there with the Sidebar closed. In order to narrow a search by subfolder I have to reopen the Sidebar and then select the desired subfolder.

Its way more fiddly than the old system but I guess it is a tradeoff of some kind.

In your scenario it’s indeed more cumbersome but in case of a visible sidebar it’s just one click if the group is already visible in the sidebar.

I understand but i usually close the sidebar to get more screen real estate and to minimize distractions…It’s not that big of a deal now that I understand how to do it, just a matter of getting used to it