How to navigate back through View Pane history, i.e. through previously viewed documents in sequence?

Let’s say I’m clicking my way around the View Pane but then want to backtrack through the documents I previously visited — is there a keyboard shortcut to move backwards and forwards in this manner?

cmd-[ seems to do something else on my setup — it takes me back to different locations/(groups?) but not back through the previously visited series of documents.

I guess I’m missing something obvious here?

Did you look at the Go menu?

Also, long-pressing on the back and forward buttons over the view/edit pane to jump through the history.

Yes, I’ve tried all options in the Go menu, none seem to walk me back through the documents I click on the View pane.

If I click through a series of documents in the View pane, then Go > Back and Forward are greyed out. Long press on back arrow doesn’t reveal anything.

Screen captures of what you’re long-pressing could be useful.

The commands Go > Back/Forward depend on the current keyboard focus and might either navigate the preview pane or the item list. But the item list can be also navigated via the Path bar and the preview pane via the navigation bar.