How to navigate between panes w/ keyboard?

Sorry for what I’m sure is a very basic question but I can’t figure this out. ::embarrassed::

I’m using DEVONthink Pro 2 with the view mode set to Three Panes. How can I navigate between panes using only the keyboard?

(Wordy version in case my question wasn’t clear: I navigate the hierarchy of groups in the left pane using the arrow keys. I then click in the top right panel using the mouse before scrolling through the listed documents with my arrow keys. When I’m done and want to navigate the left pane again, I currently use my mouse to select it before returning to my keyboard. How can I cut out the mouse and switch the pane-of-focus more efficiently using only my keyboard?)


Try using ctrl+tab to switch “forward” (i.e., groups pane -> documents list -> document) and ctrl+shift+tab to switch “backward” (i.e., document -> documents list -> groups pane). Is that what you were looking for?

That’s exactly what I was looking for; thank you!

hey this helped me too! I was always wondering about that but couldn’t voice my question b/c I didn’t know how.

Also useful to me.