How to open link to database item externally if clicked outside DevonThink


is there a way to link to a database item in such a way that it is opened with the external app for that file format, in a scenario where the link is followed from outside DevonThink?

Maybe there is some kind of suffix that can be added to the links, similar to how ?=reveal will reveal the item?

I don’t need this as a general behavior, just for specific links.

Thanks in advance for any insights.

DEVONthink is always required to follow the link.

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To clarify: What I would like to do is to open e.g. a PDF stored in DevonThink with Acrobat by clicking a link from outside of DevonThink. By default the item is opened in a DT viewer window

So, you suggest an additional URL parameter like openWith=default|Acrobat|Photoshop to the x-devonthink-item URL?

Yes, if such a parameter doesn’t exist yet, I’d like to suggest adding it :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably something like ?=openext to open the link externally would be sufficient. This would do the same as selecting the item in DT and opening it externally

The next release will support this.


Wow, this is already implemented in the new 3.8.5 release that just came out! And even with the option to define a specific external app as @chrillek suggested.

That has to be a new record regarding time to implementation. Thanks for being so attentive to suggestions from the user community :clap: :+1:


Yes, kudos to Devonthink support and its developers. Pretty staggering to consider how many compute cycles the Devonthink app coordinates every day.

An awesome tool!


This feature is really useful. Will this be made available to DTTG soon?

It is consideration but I can’t commit to soon or any other timeframe. :slight_smile:

Great. Looking forward to it.