How to open only my global inbox database when I open DevonThink

Monterey 12.6.5
DevonThink 3.9
I have 2 databases, the global inbox and another which I use mostly to store old data, let’s call it the OLD database. I only work in the global inbox because replicants are so important for my workflow.
My problem is that everytime I open DevonThink, both databases open and I have to close the one with the old data. When I forget to do so I get mixed up filing new data.
I can’t find a way to configure DT so that only the global inbox is opened when I open DT.
I wonder if it could have to do with the fact that my global inbox database contains the inbox of the old database. Should I change this ? where ? Or would you have another idea ?
thanks in advance for your time and help

If you close a database before quitting DEVONthink, it should remain closed on the next launch of DEVONthink.
Are you saying that’s not what you’re seeing?

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hello ! It’s been a while !
As I was waiting for an answer, I found the problem.
If the inboxes are unified (pref → general→ interface→ unify inboxes), then both databases open each time I open DT. When I uncheck unify inboxes, only the global inbox opens.
thanks very much

Indeed, it has! :slight_smile:

Actually, the other database should still open. However, its Inbox will not be showing in the Globals section of the Navigate sidebar.

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OK thanks !