How to organize when using/syncing DT and DTTG


i’m using DT Personal and DTTG 2. The problem i have is to organize my files (95% bookmarks) in some sort of folder structure and be able to search for specific keywords.

Before purchasing DTTG i worked with DT alone and it was easy. For every “project” i was adding a smart folder and so it collects my entries based on filenames (url) and/or tags. But everything changes with DTTG. Because of limitations or differences with the handling of tagging/smart folders i can’t use smart folders in DTTG.

So i was thinking: Ok. Lets use “real” folders instead of smart folders. It’s working but it drives me nuts. How can i search for tagged entries in DT? For example i’ve many urls witch are tagged with “app”. When i type “app” in the search field in DT (All/Database) none of the entries appear. Just URLs with “app” in the name. In DTTG i can search and find these entries.

So what i’m doing wrong? Or is this a completely dumb try to organize entries in both DT and DTTG and search for them?


While you can’t create a Smart Group at this point, you can search for Tags in DTTG2.

The absence of smart groups in DTTG can definitely throw a wrench into a smart-group-based workflow. However, search and tag functionality are, as far as I can tell, almost 1:1 with DTPO on the desktop. You could, in theory, use a tag-centred system on DTTG using only a minimum of groups.

To your specific question about searching for tagged files, I’d urge you to look at the documentation for DTTG, and starting on page 33 is a description of the search syntax:
(You can also tap the ? Next to an empty search field to have a pop-up with the syntax right there in DTTG)

To solve your specific problem, the syntax you’d use is


(BLUEFROG beat me to the punch, but I’m posting anyway since… well, I spent all this time!)


thanks for your reply!

Yes, i know. The question was how to search and find these tagged entries in DEVONthink Personal. :wink:


In DEVONThink for the Mac, ⌘-shift-f to bring up the search window, click on Advanced in the bottom left, and select Tag and specify the desired value.

It’s a bit roundabout and I yearn for the day when a syntactical/token search is available in DEVONthink on the mac like on iOS.

Hi scottlougheed,

thanks, but that doesn’t work. Like in the “normal” search in the toolbar, the entries tagged with “app” (as an example) doesn’t show up.

This screenshot shows that they are tagged.


The search is finding exactly what you have told it to search for: content, or name, or url, or comment, or metadata containing ‘app’ and also Tag=app. If you want to search only for Tag=app, leave the search field blank.

You also have a Tag view of your database (Command-6) that may be helpful to locate tags.

Ah, ok. That worked! I was thinking, that tags are “metadata” too. :unamused:

Although not the sexiest workflow. Are there any chances that …

  1. the search (in the Toolbar) in DT is capable of searching for tags or
  2. that DTTG get Smart Groups?

Yes the metadata search predates tagging on macOS, where DEVONthink searches the fields available to some documents types of Author, Company, Copyright, etc. that can be found in the Tools>Show Properties… menu. Only PDFs and a couple of other document types support some/all of these properties. It is understandable to expect that a metadata search would include tags, but it does not.

I agree that smart groups on iOS would be especially nice, and if I’m not mistaken I believe that has been discussed as a possibility in the future.

Both may happen in future releases.