How to permantly reorder rows in a sheet?

How can I permanently reorder the rows in a sheet? I don’t particularly care if it has to be done internally or externally to DT3, but I need to change the order of the rows.


  • DEVONthink menu Data > Open with
  • Choose your preferred text editor

If you use BBEdit choose menu Edit > Lines > Move Line Up/Down

If you don’t have a text editor use, however it isn’t capable of moving lines via menu, so you’d have to move lines by cutting and pasting. Probably better to download BBEdit in the App Store, there’s a free version, I think.

In case you have to move a lot of lines or on a regular basis: CTRL + CMD + Arrow up/down is a nice shortcut.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’ve tried editing the file (.tsv) in Numbers, I’ve tried editing the file as mentioned with BBEdit, and even after saving the file, the changes are not showing in DT even though the file modified time in Dt is showing when I saved it. For that matter, if the file is opened externally, the change still shows!

@bluefrog, do you have any suggestions on what I might be able to do differently?

Did you try deselecting and reselecting the file after editing it in BBEdit?

Yes. I deselected/reselected, closed/reopened the database, and even closed/reopened DT. The raw file shows the changes, but DT isn’t picking them up.

Alternatively, is there some way to make that sort of change to the file internal to the sheet while it’s in DT?

Currently there is no mechanism for reordering a sheet’s rows in DEVONthink.

How are you opening the file in BBEdit?

From inside DT, either right click file name/select OPEN WITH > BBEdit (or Numbers) or select file name, click the open externally icon (Numbers in this case).

Can you record a screencast and send it to me in a support ticket?

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