How to physically move an indexed file in DT?


I have indexed a lot of files, because I want to keep my current folder structure. I now wanted to move a file from one folder into another using DT and noticed that it moved in the databasse but not “physically” in the folders.

Is there a way to really physically move a file inside of DT or do I still need the finder for tasks like that?

Thanks for any help on that beginner’s question.

You can move files with in groups without affecting the folders in the Finder (and yes, this is by design).
You can easily make this move in the Finder, for expedience’s sake.

  1. right-click on the indexed document and select ‘Move Into Database’
  2. move the document to another indexed folder/group in the database
  3. right-click on the document and select ‘Move to External Folder’

Thanks a lot, interesting idea!