How to prevent Devonthink from re-starting itself

Devonthink keeps starting itself … i do not want this.

How do i prevent Devonthink from doing this?

Probably in the login items list? Check in Settings → General → login items and delete if there and not wanted.

thanks @rmschne

but Devonthink even keeps re-starting while the Mac is running … so it’s not merely a matter of starting throughout the booting process of the Mac. In other words: After closing Devonthink it re-starts itself within 2-3 minutes again and again.

Any ideas?

DEVONthink doesn’t and can’t launch itself, the most likely culprit are therefore scripts. E.g. did you use any of DEVONthink’s folder actions in the Finder?

no. not that I am aware of @cgrunenberg

where could I double check this?

You attach folder actions to folders in the Finder. It’s a manual do you’d know if you did it.

exactly @BLUEFROG

and since I know I did not do it … where to look next?

If something writes to the Inbox virtual folder, DT will start. Do you have anything appearing in the Inbox when DT restarts?

Only saving files to the inbox folder (it’s a real folder) doesn’t launch DEVONthink actually, the files are imported the next time DEVONthink will be launched.

My bad, you’re correct and that’s what I get for trusting memory. DT is almost always running here, so of course it will be running after I add a document to the Inbox.

Do you have Hazel running with any rules pertaining to DEVONthink?

The browser bookmarklet that adds files to DT will launch DT if it is used. Could that be it?

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