How to prevent Mobile Sync docs from showing in Search?


If I tick the “Exclude from Search” (and classification and See Also) checkboxes for the MobileSync folder, as all the contents of that folder are replicants, the originals outside the Mobile Sync folder also take on these attributes, thus giving rise to inaccurate query results.

How do I go about preventing the replicants in the Mobile Sync folder from appearing in searches?

Any help appreciated.


Steve Jamieson

The search doesn’t return items multiple times in case of replicated items (as all replicants are absolutely identical, there’s no “original” item)

Also, the ‘Exclude From’ options in the Info panel apply only to the selected item, so items contained in a group will not inherit the options set for a group. If you don’t want documents (regardless of replicant status) to appear in searches, then you will need to specifically exclude them. You can do this with a batch selection, but not by changing the search option for the parent group.