How to print selected titles/names of groups

If I view my groups in either the List View or the Split View, and then select some of the titles/names of the groups, how do I print that selected list? When I try to print a selected list of groups, the names of all the groups in the data base (selected or not) gets printed, including Inbox, Tags and Mobile Sync. Thank you.

Make your selection of groups and choose Data > Create Table of Contents. In the root of the database (Go > Top Group) you will find a document name “Table of Contents”, that you can then print.

Thanks but for me, your suggestion only works for the items that are contained inside a group, not the titles of the groups themselves. I am unable to create and print a table of contents using the names of the groups. I can create and print a table of contents of the items inside a group. However, I am trying to print a list of the titles/names of selected groups in an attempt to create an outline of selected group names and I am not having any luck. I end up having to print all the names of all the groups in the database. I could duplicate the names of the groups I want to print, and then move them to the top of the column, and only print the page they are on, e.g. page one and/or two. But I’m hoping there is a better way.

That’s not correct. In a view (say, Three Panes) command-click the name of the groups for which you want a list, and do what I wrote above.

(I actually test things before I post them – not making this up.)

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help. I now am able to print a list of selected group names. I was hoping that the names of the sub groups would be indented on the printed list as they look on the screen after I created them in the database but being able to print a list is better than not being able to print a list, indentations to the side. Thanks again for your assistance.