How to push new database to DTTG

If I create a new database in DT3.6.1, It only shows up as Local in the preferences>sync>iCloud list. How do I cause it to sync to DTTG on my iPad?

Older db’s (created before version 3) sync just fine, but the new ones don’t sync with DTTG at all. Similarly for the global inbox.

Is the database checked in the Preferences > Sync > iCloud on the right side? Otherwise it’s not synchronized (and a new one isn’t uploaded).

Yes. Here is a screen shot on my MacBook:

My generic DevonThink db gets synced across devices as do the db in the remote sections. Neither Inbox nor Notebox get synced across devices. I would like to sync the Notebox and any other new DB I might create.

In anything reported in Window > Log?

Also, the current version is 3.6.2. You should update your software.

Thanks. Nothing recent in the log, and DT3 thinks it is up to date. Perhaps 3.6.2 is not generally available yet?

3.6.2 was released Feb. 10.

Please download a new installer from here and replace your current version: Downloads

Do not run a third-party uninstaller. If your browser isn’t set to open safe downloaded files, just double-click the ZIP file to decompress it. Then double-click the disk image to open it, and drag and drop the application into the /Applications folder, allowing it to overwrite the old version when you’re prompted.
(There is no danger to your data when you do this. (1) Your data is not stored in the application, and (2) we would not give you instructions that would jeopardize your data.)

Upgraded to 3.6.2, Fixed it. Thank you. My error: used iCloud(Legacy) on the Mac and iCloud(CloudKit) on the iPad.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: