How to Re-render Markdown view after changing CSS ?

Playing around with MultiMarkdown und CSS formatting. Here is what I did:

  1. Created a new plain text (entry) in my DT database, named it mystyle.css.
  2. Created a new Markdown Text and put
  3. as the first line into it.
  4. Populated the CSS with some styling.

Though this works in general I can not re-render the “Best Alternative” view after changing the CSS file without closing and opening the DT database file altogether. Just toggling the “Best Alternative” and the “Text alternative” view has no effect.

Any idea how to update the BA view after I have changed the CSS file?


If nobody elese cares, I have to answer myself :slight_smile:

Just put the CSS between tags at the beginning of the file and all changes will be rendered when you change views.