How to read RSS feed created with Action Scipt

when using the action script “convert results to RSS feed” after making automatic searches, an RSS file will be created.

Now - probably a very basic question: how do I read this file with an RSS Reader, eg. Google reader? Do I just have to place it onto some server?

I yes - how (eg. Dropbox does not work…)


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DEVONagent is able to display this file, e.g. just drag & drop it on its Dock icon or a browser window. Another possibility is to enable personal web sharing and to copy the file to the folder ~/Sites.

Reading works perfect so.
So, the idea is not to set up a rss service, you can sign-up with a reader?
Looked a little bit into the Apple script. Would it be easy - for a non programmer - to change the setup to a format you can read / gets downloaded with e.g. Google Reader out of your shared web folder?

I would like to read the output of DEVONagent together with other newsfeeds.


That’s only possible by using personal web sharing (and copying the file to ~/Sites) or using your own web server (and uploading the file to it).