How to remove most of Devonthink To Go from an iPhone the best way?

I installed Devonthink To Go on my iPhone to try it out. I have now discovered that it takes up too much space and that I really do not need it on my iPhone. What would be the best way to get rid of everything without the main inbox and without messing up things?
Best regards, Per

Just delete the unwanted databases in DEVONthink To Go. This has no effect on other devices or sync data.

Thank you Jim!
I even want to reduce the number of databases and iCloud. I know how to stop the syn, but how do you delete databases in iCloud so that they do not take up space there?
Best regards, Per

“Clean” the databases from the sync location that you wish to clear out. After that, if you want them off the iPHone, “delete” them. Full details in the superb DEVONthink ToGo Handbook, available at DEVONtechnologies | Handbooks and Extras

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Thank you! I have looked on this before but forgot and threw your help I remember. But he is the problem I had then and Now again: I am looking at a very small database which I haven’t touched for a long time. It says that the sync has just been taking place. When I right-click and choose “clean” I get the message that there are still items to synchronize. Which of course means that I will lose these items when I “clean”. But how can that be when the ssync is finished and the database hasn’t changed for many months?

How do you know that?

“clean” is their fancy and specific word for deleting the sync location files. not the database in the iphone. other than that i do not know. i rarely clean and/or delete.

When I right-click and choose “clean” I get the message that there are still items to synchronize.

Where are you seeing this?

As soon as I right-click and choose “clean” (in my language: Datenbank leeren…).

Can you post a screen capture of this, for clarity? Thanks.

Sorry for late response, I got very busy.

No worries - thanks for the follow-up.

Something seems to be wrong here, so what do I do?

Open a support ticket and please provide more information on what “seems to be wrong”.

I will

Isn’t it quite obvious or am I missing something here? The first screenshot tells me that the sync has been taking place on a database to which I haven’t added any documents for months. And the third screenshot tells me that the sync is not finished although it has been running many times every day since I added the last document.