How to remove previously synced database from iPad?

I have several databases synced to DT2Go but my iPad is running low on memory so I need to remove one of my larger db’s to free up space Turning off syncined doesn’t remove the db, it simply stops syncing new or changed data, correct? Please let me know what I need to do as I cannot find any information about this on the blog.

If you’ve turned off sync, just delete the database. In the DTTG Home Screen (the one with the list of databases) swipe left in the one you’re concerned with and tap the “Delete” button

Syncing large databases does not necessarily mean they use a lot of space on your iPad. They only do when you actually downloaded lots of MB or even GB of your databases’ content.

If you did you could delete some databases as planned but afterwards add and set them to sync again. Then you would have access to their content if necessary without cluttering your iPad with content you had needed in the past.

Additionally to—or instead of—deleting you could set DTTG to only keep a limited number of items.

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In addition to @ThatGuy and @suavito, if you’ve not already done, see on your iPad Settings → General → iPad Storage for a ranked list of the apps and their sizes. Might find some other “disk hogs”.

It’s worth adding that when/if you re-sync, setting the databases to sync “On Demand” only will substantially reduce the number of items.

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Thanks to all of you! Your answers were exactly what I needed.